opening july 15, 2024

traction k9 kennels

a safe place to board


Our facility is designed with a unique contact-free concept, featuring externally controlled doors between indoor and outdoor sections that allow feeding, cleaning, and enrichments to be done without entering the kennel space. 

Each dog enjoys their own private run with solid walls separating them from neighboring kennels, eliminating any potential interactions between canine guests.

secure dog kennels

fully secured

Each outdoor run is secured with dig-proof flooring, solid divider panels, and roofs, ensuring a peaceful and escape-proof space for each dog. Each indoor kennel space is equipped with heat and A/C, calming scents, and even classical music.  

For further safety and security, a certified caregiver lives on site full time and will keep your dog under constant supervision, actively monitoring the kennel areas through a comprehensive network of security cameras.

Fully Secured Dog Kennels

As long as your dog is up to date on all their vaccinations, they are welcome to board with us! We welcome all, whether human aggressive, dog aggressive, reactive, intact, in heat, or a Houdini-level escape artist.

For all dogs: kiddy pool time, laser pointer time, puzzle feeders, chew time with safe chews such as tracheas, and more!

For people-friendly dogs: walking, human playtime, and even training sessions.

For sport and protection dogs: desensitizing exposure to training sounds such as can curtains and PSA noise recordings, or noises common to your sport.

No problem at all. We’ll take you to your dog’s private run at drop-off for you to walk them in and remove their collar/leash. At pick-up, we’ll have you leash them inside their run and walk them out.

If your dog is friendly with people, you can add walks, playtime, or even training to your dog’s stay. However, we don’t facilitate playtime between dogs during boarding stays.

Boarding is $55 per night.

If your dogs typically share space with each other, they can stay in one kennel together. Up to 2 dogs can share 1 kennel. The second dog will be 60% off standard boarding fees ($22 per night).

Not only does a dedicated caregiver live on site and off-site personnel monitor kennel cameras 24/7, we have also partnered with mobile veterinarians who are available 24/7 and experienced administering care to difficult dogs.

Kennels will be located near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.
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Located 20 minutes from the airport at 117 Del Rey Ct, Del Valle, TX 78617.

Opening for boarding and daycare on July 15. Booking is available now!

Book a reservation using the form below, and we’ll reach out to confirm.


Request a reservation, and we’ll send you instructions for uploading your dog’s vaccination records before confirming their stay.

Have a quick question? Text 512-596-0555.