how we train


Gain the freedom to
leave the house, worry-free

Separation anxiety is addressed differently dog to dog and family to family, but always begins by making sure your dog has a comfortable space to spend time alone in.  This may mean making small changes to your crate or house set-up.

Then, dogs are re-introduced to alone time through enthusiastic, exciting games, teaching them to see the images of people leaving as positive. At the same time, your dog will practice staying in their own space and other rooms of the house while you are home.

Finally, we then add in “no”, followed by a correction your dog finds annoying, for barking while home alone.  This prevents your dog from reaching a level of panic they may otherwise be prone to, leaving them instead to build a new habit of settling or sleeping when left alone.  To graduate the program, your dog spends two extended periods home alone as a trainer watches through a camera.

For some dogs who are just bored while home alone, muzzling can build a new habit of settling instead of chewing.

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