how we train


Small World?

Stranger Danger encompases any difficulty your dog has meeting new people.  This could be fearfulness or aggression.

Resolving this behavior requires a custom combination of techniques for each dog.  Most dogs are first strategically desensitized to the type of interactions they are uncomfortable with.  This means long, uneventful training sessions where your dog will be kept within range of someone who makes them feel uncomfortable, but ultimately the person never invades your dog’s space or does anything scary.

Alternative behaviors such as a “place” command can be helpful in giving your dog something else to focus on. Many dogs experience relief from anxiety when alternative behaviors are taught because they no longer have to make a decision when they don’t know what to do.

Because behavior programs require so much customization, some stranger danger programs may require we begin with a behavior assessment, booked as an a la a carte in-home training session.