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Boarding Access?

Once your dog has achieved basic obedience and is comfortable being crated for short periods, they can live with a trainer while you’re out of town in our overnight boarding program! Your dog will live in a Traction trainer’s personal home and live with the life of a trainer’s dog, keeping their training fun and consistent while you’re away.



Boarding is $89 per day your dog is with their trainer. They must have approval from their trainer to participate in the boarding program.

Your dog will stay in a Traction trainer’s private home and will live as part of the family. Their crate will be used if we have to leave home without them as a way of keeping them safe.

We always use your dog’s basic obedience commands in real-life settings to keep their training consistent, but you can also add on dedicated training sessions if you’d like.

No problem! Your dog can be kept separate from your trainer’s own dogs and will get individual walks and time with their trainer.

No, but we are able to fill almost all boarding requests. Request boarding in advance of any trip you’re planning using the Boarding Request Form.

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Request Boarding

Request boarding at any time using our online portal
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