Office Dog

Office Dog by traction

Traction Dog Training Club trains the classiest dogs in Colorado and Texas. Our dog
training programs are privately catered and custom tailored for each dog and their
office environment.
Exclusive programs coming available at your office!

train at home
or at the office

Free $50 Credit Applied

To In-Home
Training Programs

Can be used towards any of Traction’s private, in-home training programs found online

We come to you to train!

Office Dog Certification

Complete a behavior evaluation, crash course, and private training session.

You may receive digital certification proving your dog’s good behavior!

5-Class Office Dog Series

Group class held once weekly over 5 weeks. Max 3 dogs per class.

Complete the Office Dog
learning agenda!

$825 standard rates
$335 at your office

traction teaches dogs
and their people

"Installing an off switch" with a place or down/stay command
Avoiding command refusals and overcoming distractions
Proactive positioning within an office space
Ending barking, whining, jumping, and other disruptive behaviors
Safe and effective leash manners
When interactions are and aren't appropriate
Preventing/resolving dog reactivity in an office space