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solo-stay kennels

a safe place to board

isolated dog kennels


Our facility is designed with a unique indoor/outdoor concept, featuring individual runs for each dog. The seamless design includes doors between the indoor and outdoor sections that can be opened and closed without entering the kennel space, ensuring a truly contact-free experience, even during cleaning and feeding.

Each dog enjoys their own private run with solid walls separating them from neighboring kennels, eliminating any potential interactions between canine guests.

secure dog kennels

fully secured

Each kennel is fully enclosed with solid panels between them and roofs on the outdoor section of each run, ensuring a peaceful and escape-proof space for each dog. Our facility is even equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, classical music, and calming scents to guarantee a comfortable indoor space for your dog regardless of the weather outside.

For further safety and security, a certified caregiver lives on site full time and will keep your dog under constant supervision, actively monitoring the kennel areas through a comprehensive network of security cameras.

secure dog kennels

Dogs must be up to date on all required vaccinations to board. 

Your dog does not need to be spayed/neutered, friendly with people or other dogs, crate trained, or free of behavior concerns.

If your dog is friendly with people, you can add walks, playtime, or even training to your dog’s stay. 

However, we do not facilitate playtime between dogs during boarding stays.

When you book your dog’s boarding stay, you can add various forms of enrichment such as food puzzles and kongs.

You can even add training to your dog’s stay, if you’d like. If your dog is human aggressive, a free consultation may be required prior to adding training to their stay. This ensures we have a specific training plan and course of action in place prior to your arrival.

For human-friendly dogs, you can add extra forms of enrichment such as walks and playtime with people.

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Boarding is $55 per day your dog is with us. 

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