how we train

Off Leash
& Advanced Obedience

Let your dog earn full trust to be off leash

To safely be trusted off leash, your dog will need to reach proficiency at the following items by the end of their training program.  Because of the technical aspect of teaching this to your dog, a Homeschool or Study Abroad program is required.

Off leash obedience programs begin by teaching the “heel” and “come” commands on leash to build understanding and expectations for those commands.

The e-collar is then used to gradually replace the leash.  Today’s e-collar does not function as old “shock collars” did, but instead use low levels your dog is not hurt or scared by.  Beginning training, e-collar levels never rise above what your dog is able to feel, but not annoyed by.  As they show clear understanding of what is being asked of them, levels are raised to what they find annoying.  When used properly, many dogs find e-collars to be less aversive than collars and leashes.

Finally, your dog is taught “no” using 1-2 bad habits they have around the house.  This solidifies your dog’s understanding and reaction to the word “no” as a marker for something they are never allowed to do.  Once understood, we can use “no” to teach the rules of off leash freedom.

By the end of a Homeschool or Study Abroad program, most dogs are fully reliable to walk and play off leash.

For advanced obedience courses, e-collar will be used to make your dog’s obedience faster, sharper, and more applicable to any situation.  We can also help with competition level or rally obedience.