Study Abroad

Study Abroad program


Prior to booking

A free in-person evaluation is required prior to booking a Study Abroad program. This ensures you and your trainer are on the same page before embarking on your journey together.

You’ll then receive a detailed goals sheet specifying exactly what your dog will learn during their stay and what to expect at pick-up.

Drop off

On the first day of training, you’ll drop your dog off at your trainer’s home, where they’ll be living and training around the clock.

Weeks One - Two/Three

Most Study Abroad programs are 2 weeks long, although some are longer as determined in the behavior evaluation. You’ll receive daily video, photo, and text updates on your dog’s training and adventures.

Pick Up

You’ll spend 2+ hours with your trainer at pick-up learning how to use your dog’s new skills and maintain consistency for them. You’ll have specific instructions for implementing new behaviors in your home as well as step by step written instructions and a library of video tutorials recorded with your dog.


Maintain and fine-tune your training on Varsity

When the Study Abroad Program is Best


Total cost: 2 weeks- $2890

Total cost: 3 weeks- $4160

Payment plans available: Yes

Then maintain and fine tune your training after Tutoring on Varsity.